Nela Ticket Movie Review & Talk

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja’s latest film ‘Nela Ticket’ released today.  Kalyan Krishna Kurasala who delivered super hits like ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’.. ‘Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam’.   The movie is a getting a mixed response from the audience.  The first half of the film focused on comedy and second half of the movie focused on the social cause.  Let us go through the review. 
This is the story:
Ravi Teja is a happy go lucky guy in Vijag.  He encounters unexpected incidents when he reaches Hyderabad.  Jagapathi Babu is planning to become CM of the state and he will be hatching several conspiracies in the process.  When some people try to expose him, Jagapathi Babu men attack them.  Why Ravi Teja gets involved in these issues and how he stops Jagapathi Babu forms the main story. 
Plus Points: 
Kalyan tried to blend good message with the commercial points.  He mixed comedy, action and emotion.  Ravi Teja tried to carry the story on his shoulders.  The second half has dull moments but Jagapathi Babu political twists will impress the audience. 
Minus Points: 
The story is good but the director faltered in the execution.  Majority of the scenes are boring.  There is nothing new in the climax.  Songs are not impressive. 
On the whole, it is an average film.  There is a mixed talk as some audience didn’t like it.  It is a typical Ravi Teja style film 


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