Nara Chandrababu Naidu is known to be a serious leader. He will not deliver a single work without any intention or thought. He will not commit to anything so easy. He will make critics on the opposition leaders, but with gentle words. But, the way he has been attacking BJP is quite different. It seems to be, He was hurt so much by BJP’s betrayal.

His speeches have become hate speeches against BJP. In every occasion, he has been utilizing the opportunity to make the attack on BJP and Narendra Modi. He has questioned Amit Shah that, what’s the right he is having to ask about utilization certificates. He has directly hit the Modi tagging him as a publicity stunt master.

Before the breakup, there was a talk that Chandrababu has been fearing about some cases, that is why he was not opposed, Modi. But, the present scenario is quite different. Chandrababu has criticising Modi and Amit Shah severely. Mentioning about YSRC MP’s resignations, Chandrababu stated that BJP knows that if by-elections come in those MP Constituencies, what will happens. That is the way, Babu daring to challenge the BJP and YSRC. TDP cadre and leaders have been getting energized with Mr.Naidu’s aggressive attacking speeches.


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